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Always better on a big screen, Quattro Productions has the capability to bring a cinema to you, literally!

Audio Visual is a key element at any event or function. In some cases they are even why people get together - to obtain information from a credible source, and what better way to do it than with Projection Screens. With the option of having your screen in the standard 8ft x 6ft floorstanding, or flighted & and attached to the roof even as big as 18ft x 12ft, and as a further choice, choosing to hide your AV and have it rear projectable - We can do it!

Fast Fold Screen (Floor Option)

Floor Standing screens are a brilliant way to fit AV into your event budget. The name Fast Fold is exactly that - Fast to fold and pop up to use in a flash.

Our floor standing screens are not on Tri-Pods, they have a solid expansion frame that allows us to have a much more stable structure. With a height availability of around 1.5m off the floor, we also attach a skirting to completely round of the screen. Even though a 8ft x 6ft screen size is considered to be standard in the industry, the dimensions can range from your smaller screens for 4:3 ratio, to as big as 12ft x 9ft for that cinematic 16:9 widescreen ratio. As a recommendation regarding stability issues, we do not stand sizes on the floor that exceeds 18ft x 12ft. Floor standing screens are perfect for weddings, cocktail presentations, and semi formal events of a small to medium nature.

Fast Fold Screen (Flighted Option)

For the bigger events such as Gala Dinners, Award evenings or Conferences with pax of over 400, we recommend to flight the screens for better viewing angle for your guests.

Utilizing the inhouse structure beams at your venue, we securely fasten the screens to suspend it in mid air by using H30 Prism Truss as a surround for your screen, just to give it that finished look. Best used in pairs on stage left & right, we also use a Kramer Unit to split your input for the dual or multiple screen setup. While it is possible to flight a standard screen of 8ft x 6ft in your venue, we can ceiling mount any size screen above, as we do no recommend ceiling mounting small screens purely for coherency.

NOTE - Flighting any structure over 250cm high requires a safety certificate. Quattro Productions can provide this service indicated on your event quotation / invoice.

Rear Projection Surface Option

For the Event Co-Ordinator who likes setups to be minimalistic, simple yet productive, and who does not like the look of anything technical, we have a alternative method to bringing AV to your event without projectors on tables, flight cases or visible structures mounted to ceilings - We can now by utilizing rear projectable screens, hide your projector by placing it behind the screen as a option!

Using the same structures or trussing and mounting kits, we just snap on a different projection surface onto the screen frame that allows us to project from the back.

NOTE - For a standard 8ft x 6ft projection surface, a minimum distance of 7m is needed behind the screen, and the bigger the projection surface, the further the distance towards the back, so perfect for large venues with ample space.

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