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Audio Visual or AV as it is more commonly known in the eventing industry is a very important part of a successful event.

Whether it is to display your award nominees, a vital powerpoint presentation, a DVD looped with information or just a good old fashioned slide show with photos of your company staff having crazy times, Quattro Productions have acquired AV equipment for exactly this reason. We can now cater for any of your AV needs, just as before, but with our own outright personal pricing structure! 

Samsung 40” Full HD LED Screen

Perfect for the small event for photo slide shows, or at the entrance to display company logos or seating arrangements, the 40” LCD screen from Samsung will be more than sufficient for small AV requirements.

The FULL HD LED colour that these screens present is unmatched in the event industry. Albeit used for presentation purposes or just slide shows, these are best used side-by-side in pairs or multiple monitor setups. Best mounted on a trussing, these screens have built in speakers and usb connections to avoid the external cost of additional speaker hire or AV presentation equipment such as laptops or DVD players if used for basic setups of photo slideshows, or logo representation or still image displays.

NOTE - Not limited to size. We at Quattro Productions can provide any size between 32 - 50” monitors/screens.

Vivitek D945VX Projector

Fact - Boardroom Projectors do not meet Audio Visual requirements at a professional event. Fact - You do not need a very expensive projector for your AV display to look professional. Fiction - The more expensive the projector, the better the visual quality.

Quattro Productions has done extensive research before acquiring AV equipment to suit our clients needs. The Vivitek D945 VX is a HDMI enable projector that can display HD visuals, at a affordable price. The D945 is a 4500 lumen projector giant that is not only capable of presentations on big screens in large venues, but is also affordable to be used in a small boardroom or cocktail presentation environment. Recommended for use on a standard 4 x 3 screen, flighted or floor-standing, rear or front projectable.

Note - Not limited to size. We at Quattro Productions can provide any size projector from 3500 Lumens up to 18000 Lumens in strength, depending on AV needs.

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