Setting the Mood!


Ambient Lighting, Atmospheric Lighting or Mood Lighting as it is more commonly known, is used to portray the type of event you are having by giving it colour.

With our LED Parcans, we are allowed to enhance Walls, Pillars , Decor and even Technical structures to make your event a colourful one, albeit in company colours, or even just the colours you would like to use at your event. They can be angled in at 45 degrees for a wide wash crossover,  or used at 90 degrees to give you the V effect against walls or Pillars! Visualize it! 

Versa-Light LED Par 64

Our standard Issue 180Watts LED Parcan comes in the shape of the powerful Versalight LED Par 64.

Using 177 LEDs with smooth and even dimming, the LP-02 can be used to create a range of colours from pastel to rich and saturated. A 7 segment display screen makes setup and control very easy. Capable of handling strobe effects, these powerful ambient lights are capable of being stand alone fixed colours, Audio Triggered colour changes or even DMX controlled to be able to give you any colour you want at the event.

The Versa-Light RGB LED Parcan, the LP-02 RGB PAR 64, with a 35 degree beam angle, is a compact multi-purpose wash light that is suited for both Ambient Lighting or Dance Floor lighting. Please see some examples of our uplighting at events.

Chauvet Slimpar 64 LED

Over time, things tend to get smaller and more compact. That is exactly the thought behind the design of the Chauvet Slimpar 64.

It’s an LED PAR 64 with a slim casing only 2.5 inches thick - that can go almost anywhere. Boasting 180 red, green and blue LEDs, the fixture offers 3- or 7-channel DMX control.

This 250Watts slimline LED Parcan uses its built-in automated and sound-activated programs for variable speed-pulse effects and also offers static colors and RGB color mixing with or without DMX. Perfect for use within structures such as trussing or behind stage effects for focal point uplighting. Bring your event to life with colour.

NOTE - As a added bonus, the Chauvet Slimpar 64 has built in duckstands for those uplighting moments, so need need for additional clamp or stand hire.

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