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Generic Lighting or Ambient Lighting plays a vital role to light up a event and bring it to life by setting the mood, but once the dancing starts, you need a bit of flashing, strobing and movement to get the party started.

Our Effects Lights offer a wide choice to really add flair to your event regarding lighting. Albeit to light up a stage performance, or just entertaining the crowds with bright moving lights, Quattro Productions can really blow your mind with the Effects Lighting we own!

Martin Roboscan 218 Pro Mark ii

This compact 200W scanner is a spark-plug of energy and dynamics with a battery of 14 fixed gobos, 3 special iris gobos and loads of colors creating spectacular effects.

The Martin Roboscan 218 Pro Mark ii is considered to be old technology when it comes to lighting, as it was one of the first real scanners to be used in the eventing industry around 12 years ago. Today, it still gets used in nightclubs and small scale events world wide! With a 175 degree turning angle of the moving mirror, the light projects up into the mirror from the embedded casing and allows for spectacular effects and fast movement. These lights can be used with DMX control from a laptop or light desk, or used as a stand alone sound to light operated activation effects light to enhance your dancing experience! NOTE - Limited quantity available for hire due to discontinuance. (6 Units available)

Martin MAC 250 Entour

This exciting profile spot moving head is a unique combination of intelligence and beauty. Designed as a compact version from the highly successful MAC family, the MAC 250 Entour has proven to be a perfect moving head effect for the club, professional touring and production studio markets.

This bright 250Watts intelligent Moving Head is the perfect companion for stage lighting or dance floor enhancement. The MAC 250 Entour is a brilliant, feature rich profile with two gobo wheels, a color wheel, dimmer, shutter, prism and focus. Superior optics and an extremely user friendly construction make it ideal for the rigors of today's rental market, and is considered to be the standard fixture at any upscaled event.

NOTE - Cannot be used without lighting control. It has no stand alone function and relies on programming. Hiring of lighting control is a must!

Martin MAC 401 Dual RGB Zoom

The Martin Professional MAC 401 Dual RGB Zoom is a creatively fresh and versatile LED moving head washlight with an innovative double-sided design that gives it flexible dual functionality, for example as a double washlight or beam reflective mirror.

Advanced wash characteristics combine with a host of other useful features like fast zoom and individual LED segment control to add a new and inventive element to touring and rental applications, Corporate Events, night-time venues and leisure environments.The MAC 401 Dual RGB Zoom is a surprisingly bright and powerful LED washlight with up to 6,600 lumens of power and excellent optical performance. A host of built in effects allows the user to create a variety of different looks fast. Overlay effects channels to create even more effects or control each LED segment individually to create your own.

NOTE - Cannot be used without lighting control. It has no stand alone function and relies on programming. Hiring of lighting control is a must!

Martin MAC 101 LED Beam

The Martin MAC 101 is a remarkably small, super light and simple LED moving head wash light. It features a tight and very bright beam, rapid movement and calibrated colors that allows for revolutionary set, stage and decorative lighting designs.

Utilizing high-volume production and featuring an ultra-compact design that promotes use in larger quantities, the MAC 101 is ideal for easy-to-produce, high-impact looks like large wall matrices or as a dynamic replacement for static PAR cans.

The MAC 101 projects a tight beam with a soft yet defined edge that is surprisingly bright for such a compact, energy-saving fixture. Beam angle is 13.5° with a wide angle diffuser available as an option for greater design possibilities.

NOTE - Cannot be used without lighting control. It has no stand alone function and relies on programming. Hiring of lighting control is a must!

Neo-Laser Chroma 3 Colour Laser

A surprisingly sophisticated small three-colour laser which comes with its own remote control so that you can control it with or without a lighting controller.

The combination of quality & power and inclusion of a high-tech MCU-based control system lead to this series becoming the standard for low cost lasers. As a result there are many look-a-likes, but at inferior quality & functionality. The Chroma boasts over 200 preset programmed effects, utilizing Green, Red and Yellow in a 100mW strength laser.

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