For that 3D Effect..!


Without Lighting Enhancement, lighting will look dull and 2 dimensional. With our Smoke Machines and Hazers, Quattro Productions is allowed to bring out the beam effect of the lighting at your event.

Whether the smoke fluid hazes into your event like a hazy bar or smoking lounge, or if it gets pumped into the venue with Hi Mass of power and control for that dense nightclub look and feel, Lighting Enhancement is a must for shows & professional lighting experiences. Definitely recommended for the ultimate lighting experience.

Martin JEM ZR44 Smoke Machine

The Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass™ is a reliable and highly efficient fogger capable of precise fog delivery from subtle to massive. Ideal for a variety of settings from small venues to huge stadiums and arenas, it features advanced technology for top-quality performance, as well as advances in digital functionality such as RDM compatibility.

This powerful atmospheric fog effect houses an 1800 W heat exchanger for a massive 1200 cubic meters of dense fog per minute. Continuously operational with a large 9.5 liter fluid container, it can operate for long periods without refilling.The Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass can be positioned on the floor or truss mounted and features a solid design suitable for rugged life on the road or in a permanent install.

NOTE - See Below for Smoke Fluid Facts.

Martin JEM Compact Hazer Pro

The Jem Compact Hazer Pro is a versatile new haze machine from Martin Professional designed for the highly demanding professional market. Its ability to produce exceptionally fine atmospheric haze in a short period of time makes it an ideal choice for large scale events, shows, theatres, TV studios, clubs, bars, weddings,fashions shows and more.

Designed for easy serviceability, the Jem Compact Hazer Pro is also simple to use via standard DMX control, an easy-to-read on-board digital display, and digital remote option. Haze levels can be conveniently pre-set and setting of timed programs is straightforward via the Optical Density Timer Control system (ODTC). Haze level and fan speed can be variably controlled while output is continuously maintained. The JEM Compact Hazer Pro is the finest haze production fogger in its class.

NOTE - See below for Haze Fluid Facts.

Martin JEM Fluid Facts

The Jem Fluids for both Hi Mass smoke machines and Hazers are not harmful at all. They are water based fluids with no smell, and will not leave a oily residue on surfaces.

Furthermore, they do not set off smoke alarms, and do not fall under the smoking law since they contain no tobacco or nicotine elements or any harmful ingredients for that matter.

They do not clog air-conditioning units, therefore making the fluid safe in all aspects of eventing.

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