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CD players have been a integral part of a DJ’s career since the extinction of Turntables around 10 to 12 years ago. We have seen the times shift from CD Players, to Multi platform players, to even using laptops to entertain crowds..

But one thing is for certain, CD players will always remain the cornerstone of a DJs true worth. Below, see the CD/Multiplayer variants we at Quattro Productions have to offer.

THE Pioneer CDJ 2000!

The #1 CD/Multiplayer in the world! Quattro Productions proudly announces that we own a set of these beauties, and they are the Pinnacle DJ weapons in our armory.

With Multi-Platform play capability from CDs to USB sticks to even SD cards and Laptops, all the music is displayed on a huge full colour LCD screen that allows the DJ to never take his eyes off the crowd to turn around and browse for music - Awesome!

Pioneer CDJ 900

Considered to be a Hybrid between the Internationally acclaimed CDJ 2000 and the more industry standard CDJ 200, the Pioneer CDJ 900 comes with a USB playing capability, perfect for those who want a professional CD player setup, without the needs to splash on cash for the highly acclaimed Big Brother mentioned above.

The Pioneer CDJ 900 will surpass the CDJ 200 as the industry standard CD player within the next couple of years.

Pioneer CDJ 200

This versatile & workhorse of a MP3 CD Player has seen it replace the now discontinued CDJ 100 as the industry standard CD player of choice for all kinds of clubs, restaurants & Production companies.

Now the entry level of High End professional CD players, this Pioneer CDJ 200 supersedes all other makes of players in its category. This is considered to be a Quattro Productions standard CD Player hire for all commercial music requirements.

Denon DN-S1000

As a alternative to the smooth table top scratch pad that the Pioneer offers on their professional cd players, the Denon DN-S1000 Pro Scratch was purchased by Quattro Productions.

This small and compact CD player offers a vinyl like scratch plate with loads of onboard effects that the Pioneer CD players do not offer the Turntablist, scratching Hip-Hop DJs or those who just prefer Denon. Either or, we own a pair, and they’re great!

Considered the TRUE ART of DJ mixing and skill, the Technics SL 1210 has been discontinued since 2010.

Many DJs still believe that this platform still produces the best audio quality, and therefore have not reverted to throwing away thousands of records that they have collected during their respective careers. Combined with needles and slip mats, the SL 1210 will remain a legend in the DJ industry and no DJ box is complete without them.

Put the needle on the record Mr. DeeJay!

RETRO! Technics SL 1210

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