The Heart of the Party!


Let’s face it, without a steering wheel, there is no way you can drive a car. The mixing desk does exactly that. It allows the DJs to adequately manipulate sound inputs and adjust volume where needed to fit the event’s Audio needs and requirements.

Below, we will illustrate the different types of mixing desks we own that will allow us to pin perfect the sound requirements, for any type of event.

The King - Pioneer DJM 2000

Designed to flawlessly fit a dual CDJ 2000 setup, this completes the Ultimate DJ Box, the Multi Channel, Touchscreen and MIDI sequencing Pioneer DJM 2000. The most advanced DJ mixer yet.

Full control with touchscreen effects, a virtual sampler and MIDI sequencer allows total control of sound at a DJ event. With 1 microphone input and connections for up to 4 cd players and 2 laptops.

As Illustrated on the left, the most powerful DJ Box!

Pioneer DJM 800

For those DJs who find the DJM 2000 above a little too intimidating with all the choices of effects, samplers, sequencer controls and combinations, the DJM 800 Multi-mixer is the perfect companion.

Boasting 2 mic Inputs as well as 4 dedicated channels for audio line and digital inputs, this mixer will send any input through to the speakers with exceptional quality! a Big 3” LCD screen makes using the effects a walk in the park. It also boasts 4 additional effects for each channel via a rotary knob!

Pioneer DJM 700

Virtually identical to the DJM 800, the DJM 700 has become the industry standard mixing desk with 4 channels as well as 2 mic inputs.

With less effects than the DJM 800, this is a fantastic mid level DJ mixer for those DJs who do not take particular notice to effects in their mixes.

Still, it has a massive effects engine that can be distributed across the input channels as desired.

The first Pioneer DJ mixer to include a filter button.

The Legend - Pioneer DJM 600

Since 1998, this groundbreaking mixing desk has been the industry standard mixing desk. Setting the design for mixing desks to follow, the basic functions found in this mixer is still found in the new age mixers of today, 15 years later!

1 dedicated Mic input, a secondary mic input on one of the 4 channels, as well as line and phono flip switches, to switch between turntables and cd players. None of the fancy digital inputs in this one, but basic effects kept true to the roots of what it was there for - to simply mix music! Legend!

Pioneer DJM 400

Small. Basic. Lightweight. Simple. Understood.

a 2 Channel mixer purely for the person who wants to do a easy, no fuss setup between 2 inputs and a mixer out to the speaker system.

Recommended for small house parties, or events where the DJ is simply just playing music in the background. It has 2 mic inputs, and limited effects, but with a loop counter and BPM checker,this is driving without power steering but with cruise control. This is in and out - this is mixing in its smallest form - compact and to the point!

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